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What We’re Reading
We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
May 26, 2023
“Meta, Amazon, Alphabet and Twitter have all drastically reduced the size of their teams focused on internet trust and safety as well as ethics as the companies focus on cost cuts.”
CNBC / Hayden Field and Jonathan Vanian / May 26
May 25, 2023
“As journalists, a pillar in our code of ethics includes the obligation to minimize harm.” SS
Press Democrat / Rick Green / May 25
“Data from publisher analytics firm Chartbeat shows that Twitter referral traffic, 1.9% of all traffic in April 2018 to 1,350 publisher sites included in the analysis, had fallen to 1.2% five years later in April this year…When broken down by publisher size, the data shows that small publishers in particular now barely get any referral traffic from Twitter.”
Press Gazette / Aisha Majid / May 25
“The fall is also the story of Wall Street colliding with a creative industry that was home to big personalities and towering egos….It raises questions about the tactics of private equity companies, which have in recent years earned a reputation as the curse of the US news media, gutting newspapers for short-term profits.”
Financial Times / Anna Nicolaou and Sujeet Indap / May 25
“Researchers have used that data to track entire days on Twitter, to analyse the spread of disinformation and misinformation, and to track the rise of extremism and how that bleeds through to offline life.” / Chris Stokel-Walker / May 25
“Two U.S. Park Police officers used excessive force against two Australian journalists covering a George Floyd protest outside the White House in June 2020, according to an investigation by the Interior Department’s inspector general.”
The New York Times / Emily Steel / May 25
“Everyone gets raises, with the biggest for the lowest earners—who tended to also be those most in support of aggressive union action, like striking—and slightly smaller ones for the higher-paid members.” SC
Vanity Fair / Charlotte Klein / May 25
“The early exodus raises questions over the future of the fledgling operation.” SC
Mediaite / Isaac Schorr / May 25
“The background characters who populate Tears of the Kingdom all hold a remarkably earnest, almost Pollyanna-ish perspective on both the Lucky Clover Gazette and the Fourth Estate as a whole.”
Slate / Luke Winkie / May 25
“Recording and rebroadcasting a Twitter Space is more technically challenging and high effort than simply flashing a screenshot. Broadcasting audio on TV is visually boring.”
The Verge / Elizabeth Lopatto / May 25